Question: Do REAL Essential seat infill liners conform to FIA regulations?
Answer: All REAL motor racing products meet the requirements as specified by FIA standards. For your own reference, please refer to the information on the FIA website – www.fia.com

Question: What’s the difference between 2-part foam kits and the REAL system?
Answer: Expanding 2-part foam is accepted by many as the standard solution to driver positing in a racing car; there is nothing standard about a REAL race seat insert. Yes a 2-part foam kit is quick and cheap, but you get what you pay for and a 2-part foam seat infill often shrinks, are brittle, and the structural integrity is compromised as the bag liner can end up being incorporated within the mix, creating cavities and weak points. REAL seats deliver the exact opposite offering significant support to hips, back and shoulders, rigid construction (many REAL race seat inserts perform consistently for more than one season) and are covered in a branded, breathable and fire retardant covering material. Good driver positioning is vital to improved performance. Comfort = Confidence = Speed.

Question: How much does a REAL seat weigh in comparison to similar systems?
Answer: As each seat is designed specifically for each driver the overall weight will differ due to the amount of material required. Our seats (once covered) can range from 0.4kg – 2.5kg.

Question: How long does it take to make a REAL seat insert?
Answer: Each seat making process is different depending on how long the driver needs to spend trying different seating positions and on the tub/chassis/shell we are working with. For a professional race seat fitting you need to allow a full day.

Question: What goes into a REAL seat insert?
Answer: Every driver is unique! By continually researching and developing, REAL explores new technologies in seat infill/insert materials in order to meet driver needs and safety improvements. Currently, REAL uses a micro poly-bead combined with a specifically formulated resin mixture to achieve optimum strength with minimum weight. Coupled with our own covering material, REAL race seat inserts are leaders in providing racing driver in-car positioning and interface systems. Micro EPS Bead – EPS is an exceptionally versatile material. It can be moulded into any shape or size —as intricately delicate as required. Ozone-depleting CFCs or HCFCs have never been used in the manufacture of EPS. EPS is one of the lightest materials available anywhere, yet with outstanding shock absorption and compression resistance qualities. EPS is unaffected by damp, moisture and heat. REAL’s Resin/Hardener mix has been designed to work specifically with our system.

Question: Which drivers have used REAL race seat inserts?
Answer: Drivers including: Sam Bird, Darren Turner, Stefan Mucke, Christian Klien, Adrian Fernandez, Andy Meyrick, Katsuaki Kubota, Marcus Ericsson, Luiz Razia, Chris van der Drift, Zak Brown, Phil Quaife, Phil Keen, Steve Hartley, Adam Carroll, Jonny Kane, Danny Watts, Mirko Bortolotti, Alex Brundle, Philipp Eng, Dean Stoneman, Ollie Hancock, Tom Chilton, Andy Neate, Gordon Sheddon, Tom Onslow-Cole and Kevin Magnussen.